Unified Communication For Store Colleagues

28 November 2023

For many store colleagues, the tools provided to help them work feel disjointed; bulky walkie-talkies, personal mobiles, and outdated mobile computers are the norm. This clunky toolkit not only weighs them down but also drags on productivity and affects job satisfaction.

To make matters worse, each device requires dedicated maintenance and management, sinking retailers deeper into needless complexity and costs. The result? Decreased efficiency, an increasingly frustrated workforce, and poor customer experiences.

A unified communication strategy can remove many of these headaches by combining voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools into one seamless platform, providing the lifeline needed to empower your workers and steer productivity back on track.

Connect Your Retail Teams

Bridging communication barriers between departments transforms your teams into connected, collaborative units. Instead of juggling multiple apps and communication channels, with unified communications, everything is accessible in one place. You can bring team members together quickly via voice, video or chat, improving productivity. With features like presence indicators, you can see staff availability at a glance, enabling the rapid exchange of information to deliver exceptional on-the-spot customer service.

With the tap of a button, your floor associates can pull in experts from other departments to answer customer questions, and back of store staff can be looped in to check stock levels of specific products speeding up the sourcing of information. When a verbal explanation isn’t enough, your staff can support customer queries with photos and videos in real-time to show product information and demonstrate features.

Seamless Setup Without Disrupting Your Stores

Using your existing WiFi and mobile data networks, you can get up and running quickly without the need for expensive new infrastructure or modifications. There’s no need for complex on-premises servers or integration with legacy phone systems, instead intuitive mobile apps enable easy adoption by your teams with minimal training required.

Leading unified communication solutions, such as Zebra Workcloud Communications, allow you to gradually roll out the technology at your own pace. By choosing a solution that facilitates a fast, flexible rollout, you can start small with just a few users and scale up as needed. This approach allows your business to enhance collaboration and customer service and reap the benefits without undertaking a disruptive large-scale implementation.

Communications That Won’t Crack Under Pressure

Seamless communications are the lifeblood of your operations and while messaging apps like WhatsApp offer convenience for basic communications, they lack the resilience and security demanded in fast-paced retail environments. Consumer-grade apps simply aren’t built to withstand retail’s always-on landscape across hundreds of locations, associates, channels, and devices. The lack of infrastructure also makes it prone to outages that could disable communications across your whole organisation.

Unified communication platforms, however, provide reliable end-to-end encryption that safeguards your data. Robust access controls, VPN connectivity and high-grade encryption deliver multilayered security tailored to retail needs. With an enterprise-grade communication solution, your business will benefit from a resilient, highly secure platform that is purpose-built for store communications.

Drive Productivity with Teams Walkie-Talkie

Zebra mobile devices like TC5x touch computers now come equipped with Microsoft’s Teams Walkie-Talkie capability. This allows store colleagues to use their existing Zebra devices like a walkie-talkie over existing WiFi or cellular networks for immediate push-to-talk communication across the store.

For added convenience, pairing your Zebra devices with a headset such as the BlueParrott C300-XT enables hands-free operation. With noise-cancelling capabilities, store colleagues can clearly communicate while moving freely about the store.

Other key benefits of Teams Walkie-Talkie for retail operations include:

  • Instant push-to-talk communication: Connect colleagues faster with instant routing of voice calls.
  • Groups and channels: Retail management can create channel groups such as per department or by location.
  • Alert tones and visual cues: Ensure received messages are noticed with alert tones and visual indicators.
  • Secure transmission: All voice communications are protected with enterprise-grade security and encryption.

Looking To Improve Communications Across Your Stores?

Over the years, we’ve seen firsthand how vital communication is in-store – whether empowering employees behind the scenes or assisting customers on the sales floor, smooth, unified connections matter. That’s why we’re proud to be long-term strategic partners to some of the UK’s top retailers; we’re passionate about delivering mobile solutions that bring your teams and tech together seamlessly with the right devices, platforms and support.

So, if you see technology as integral to bringing innovation and standout service to your stores, contact our retail experts to see how we can help.


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