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Stock Management

An accurate stock file underpins so much of your multichannel activity, especially with the demands of today’s customer who want exactly the right item, either picked up off the shelf, delivered to the home, or ordered online and collected in store in a matter of hours.

Yet many retailers lack the basic tools to manage their stock file, relying on the old fashioned annual count as the main drive for accuracy, plus paper based processes or old fashioned, hard to use technology to keep things on track through the year.

We provide a comprehensive suite of tools covering core processes like PI counting, inter-store transfers, goods receipt from warehouse & local stock adjustment.

These tools can operate as a front layer to your existing back-end architecture. We can fit around your current systems with less work than you expect, so legacy systems with high costs and long upgrade cycles need not hold you back.

  • Give store managers responsibility for their own stock file
  • Reduce manual & paper-based work – less errors, faster results
  • Enable regular small chunks of activity, working towards an accurate stock position
  • Easy integration into existing systems and technology


Support true multi-channel sales


Empower stores to take ownership


Reduce manual processes