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Click & Collect

Click & Collect is such an important tool in your arsenal to draw customers into your stores. But how good is the experience for your customers?

TPP have expanded the concept of Click & Collect, and are now providing Click & Deliver, Click & Post and other solutions…

Customers today expect to be told their order is ready a matter of minutes after placing it, via a well presented & clear text message – maybe with a click through to a Google Map showing directions. A really great experience might even have you geolocate their arrival at the store as they park in the car park, and then have their package waiting for them as they walk in the door with a friendly greeting.

Our Click & Collect platform allows you to:

  • Alert store staff within minutes of an order being placed, and have them pick it via a mobile device.
  • Message the customer via email or text message, enclose a map with directions, and customisable marketing content if appropriate.
  • Give a seamless experience upon arrival. Make sure the store staff know exactly what the customer is collecting, and scan it again to double check.
  • Collect an e-signature if relevant and store full audit trail, accessible via simple web interface.


Enable fast in store picks


Eliminate paper and PC based processes


Give a great customer experience every time