Pick IQ

The easy way to process and pick online customer orders in-store

The Opportunity For Retailers

Consumer buying habits have changed, and fast. Keeping pace with their growing expectations, Pick IQ enables retailers to offer greater convenience to customers, allowing them to shop their way.

Buying journey’s no longer follow a linear path and consumers face a world of choice when it comes to the channels available to them and how they choose to shop. With Pick IQ, you can better connect your in-store and online channels to create a unified experience for your customers and better serves their needs.

Monetise Stock Faster And Boost Store Sales

  • Maximise store stock to meet demand
  • Reduce excess or slow-moving lines in-store
  • Drive additional footfall in-store leading to further sales
  • Reduce costs, save time and avoid recalling stock to your warehouse
  • Better utilise store staff and support eCommerce growth
  • Remove the single point of failure by creating multiple mini-warehouses
  • Reduce your carbon footprint through localised deliveries

Pick IQ Applications

Pick & Deliver
Pick & Deliver
Pick & Collect
Pick & Collect
Click & Collect
Click & Collect
Click & Return
Click & Return

Pick IQ Supported Hardware

We work with leading manufacturers including Zebra and Honeywell to supply the best hardware solution for the task at hand. Our software is compatible with most recent Android devices and a variety of mobile and desktop label printers.

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