Clear and simple food allergen and nutrition labelling

Making Allergen & Nutritional Value Labelling Easy

Being able to accurately communicate food allergens is an essential part of ensuring the safety of your food and hospitality retail customers. With an increasing number of laws and regulations surrounding food labelling, compliance can be a challenge.

You need a clear, uncomplicated food labelling solution that is easy to implement, easy to manage and even easier for your store colleagues to use. You need Marka.

Ensures Compliance With Natasha’s Law

Introduced in October 2021, Natasha’s Law gives confidence to people with food allergies that food prepared and sold on-site is safe for them to consume. Making it a legal requirement for retailers to clearly label pre-packed direct sale (PPDS) goods with allergen information, compliance was difficult for some. Marka offers the perfect solution for producing and printing your allergen labels with ease.

Meets The Latest Calorie Labelling Regulations

As the government looks to tackle the growing obesity crisis, new ways to help people make better, informed choices about the food that they eat have been introduced.

In April 2022, new calorie labelling regulations came into force requiring businesses with more than 250 employees to display calorie information on food labels at the point a food choice to made. With Marka, you can easily add calorie information to each product and include it on your printed label.

Benefits of Marka

  • Boosts productivity and increases working efficiency
  • Mobilises in-store colleagues to reduce the time taken to complete pricing tasks
  • Deploy changes, offers and promotions at speed to maximise sales potential
  • Increase product sell-through and reduce the need for extra discounting
  • Reduces errors and inaccuracies by removing the need to handwrite labels
  • Reduces margin erosion minimising mispriced goods and the need to conduct price overrides
  • Eliminates inefficient trips to the back office and saves costs on sheet labels
Marka Preview

Features of Marka

Our easy-to-use app makes nutrition label printing simple for store colleagues.

Administrators can add, view and manage menus with the ability to add a different menu to each store to reflect what they sell.

Easily print and preview allergen labels within just a couple of taps of the screen. Users can print labels in bulk or input the quantity they require.

Drill down into ingredients and allergens, as well as nutritional information by product with the ability to edit.

Extremely user-friendly for store staff to navigate, filter products by categories to narrow down the search results or search by name or product number to quickly find a specific product.

Supporting more than food labelling, you can add preparation instructions to aid your staff as well as the ability to associate assets such as recipe cards and product images too.

Recommended Hardware

Space in-store is available at a premium. That’s why Marka has been designed with space-saving in mind. Running on a tablet mounted to a Brother label printer, the solution will sit neatly in your store. We can even supply high-quality labels that meet all required accreditations for use in the production, packaging, storage and distribution of safe food and consumer products.

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