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Managed Service

In today’s busy and lean IT departments, there often isn’t the resource or knowledge to manage a mobile device deployment. Our customers rely on us as their long term partner to provide services around the hardware, to create a viable solution.

  • Gold Build Management
  • Device Configuration & Staging
  • Store Kit Creation
  • MDM Software
  • Helpdesk
  • Next Business Day Hotswap
  • RMA Management & Device Repair
  • Device Intelligence & Analytics
  • Spares Pool Management
  • End of Life & Upgrade Management

We can provide all of this and more, in a bespoke package for your individual requirement, for a low monthly per-device cost. Even if you already have hardware in your business and simply want to manage it better, we can help.


Your partner for the entire project


Conserve valuable existing IT resource


Lowest total cost of ownership