Clarks US Replicate UK Success With Label IQ From TPP Retail

26 July 2022

Clarks US appoints TPP Retail to replicate the successful rollout of the specialist labelling solution introduced across its UK, Republic of Ireland and European stores.

Clarks, a global business with over 400 stores, has stood the test of time, navigating substantial change in its near 200 years of trading. Embarking on a journey of transformation, it sought the support of TPP Retail to improve in-store processes across its 114 US stores.

Deploying our market-leading Label IQ application, we delivered a complete in-store labelling system that mobilises store colleagues and has driven significant operational time savings. Focused on flexibility, efficiency and quality of label output, Clarks can now print its full range of label formats to suit where they will be applied.

The specialist label printing solution, which runs on a Zebra TC21 mobile device paired with a ZQ210 mobile printer and features a bespoke Clarks branded screen protector, ensures compliance with the different labelling laws across the States.

Ben Jones, TPP Retail Strategic Account Manager, commented:

“Clarks is in the middle of a tremendous transformation journey and we’re proud to be part of that journey. As it continues to evolve to meet the growing demands of the market, strategic investment in technology is key. Empowering store colleagues with the right tech for the job, implementing Label IQ has dramatically increased in-store efficiencies.”

Drew Denerstein, Director of Retail Operations for Clarks, said:

“The TPP solution was a no-brainer for our business.  The product has enabled efficiencies both in how we display value to our consumers, and how our staff plans labour to execute price changes.  The intuitive nature of their software allowed for a seamless transition to their platform, and our store teams are extremely grateful for the new tool in their toolkit!”

James Ussher-Smith, TPP Managing Director, said:

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with the Clarks brand for many years, innovating in-store processes across its full-price, outlet and franchise-owned stores in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and across Europe. It’s great to now leverage our experience working with the centralised UK team to deliver a better, quicker and easier project experience for the US team.

We are well positioned to support Clarks US as they deploy the solution and support across their further new store openings in North America and Canada.

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