The Entertainer

The Problem

The Entertainer is a toy retailer on a highly diverse growth journey. From expanding concession opportunities to acquiring other leading toy retail businesses including The Early Learning Centre in the UK and Poly Juguetes in Spain, as well as building an international presence in Egypt and Malta. But such diversity creates added complexity.

Operations differ, not only by store type but also among its concessions too, each with intricacies to navigate. Such varying levels of control, equipment limitations, and unreliable access to wireless infrastructure led The Entertainer to find a more flexible technology solution that would enable its team to fulfil retail operations.

The Entertainer

The Solution

Working with The Entertainer since 2017, we’ve worked continuously to streamline retail operations and give them the tools to adapt to the nuanced requirements of different store environments as their business has changed.

Sitting at the heart of the solution is our feature-rich Retail IQ software running on a Zebra TC21 handheld device paired with a Zebra ZQ610 mobile printer. With this easy-to-use mobile solution, The Entertainer is now able to fulfil in-store pricing and labelling tasks quickly and efficiently thanks to the built-in Label IQ module. Empowered by greater stock management with Stock IQ, store colleagues benefit from increased visibility of product information as well as the ability to check prices, carry out stock counting and action stock transfers.

Often heavily reliant on this single device for vital in-store tasks, we manage a next-day swap service to make sure their teams are not impacted by downtime and to get store operations back up and running at full capacity, fast.

The Project

Reducing Concession Complexity

Concessions are bursting with opportunity, but the concession business model also brings significant complexity. Flexing to meet the requirements of leading retailers such as Tesco, Matalan, M&S and Homebase, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to operating a successful concession.

While some are manned and others are not, some provide access to wireless infrastructure and others don’t, typically there is one thing that each concession has in common – limited store infrastructures such as till points or PCs.

The deployment of Retail IQ has armed concessions with a hardware solution that not only enables efficient pricing and label printing, but also provides access to The Entertainer website, their in-sale communication tools, and the support of the wider Entertainer team.

Enabling Area Managers

Area Managers are responsible for specific regions that comprise different store types; taking their Android company phones, we put the functionality they needed to be more efficient in the palm of their hands. Installing Retail IQ on their Samsung devices was a true enabler, boosting effectiveness, and maximising the value of store visits with issues proactively investigated and resolved while in-store.

From checking price accuracy at the scan of a product to printing out a replacement or missing shelf edge label, area managers even have visibility of sales performance, what stock is in-transit or in the store warehouse and can action stock transfers if required – all from the shop floor.

Innovating In-Store Solutions

A growing technology gap had emerged between newer concessions and core stores. Having persevered with a legacy three-piece solution, pricing tasks were difficult to complete using the cumbersome tablet together with a ring scanner and mobile printer. With the tablet reaching end-of-life, the solution was no longer fit for purpose.

Bringing core stores up-to-speed, we mirrored the concession stock and pricing solution, deploying Zebra devices in every store.

Setting The International Standard

Before working with us, The Entertainer’s stores across Egypt and Malta didn’t use any in-store technology for labelling. With a smaller footprint in these regions, labelling was a local responsibility, resulting in inconsistent, often paper-based labelling that was off-brand.

Key territories for growth, The Entertainer’s international team was keen to also deploy Retail IQ, setting a new in-store standard for operations.

A long-standing partnership, we’ve supported The Entertainer along its journey, through new ventures and new territories, equipping stores with the technology they need to succeed. we continue to work closely together to service their growing requirements as the business expands and takes advantage of new market opportunities.


We have worked with TPP Retail for many years and always find them to be very helpful and responsive. Their solutions are intuitive, allowing store staff to adopt new functions with ease and The Entertainer to realise the benefit instantly.

Paul Mitchell
Head of Infrastructure and Applications
The Entertainer

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