Clarks US

The Problem

The Clarks name is synonymous with quality footwear. A global business with over 400 stores across the UK, Republic of Ireland, Europe and the US, they have stood the test of time during 200 years of trading. In the midst of a transformation journey, technology investment is key to their continued innovation.

Having identified inefficiencies in its store operations, a particular area of focus was how to improve pricing and labelling tasks. Held back by an A4 desktop solution that could only print sheets of labels at its till point location, store colleagues wasted significant time walking back and forth. Not only was this an inefficient way to work, but it was also a barrier to effective selling that disrupted customer purchases at the point of sale.

Clarks US

The Solution

Having worked with Clarks in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Europe, we were introduced to their US colleagues. News of our joint successes had filtered through, and they wanted to roll out the slick UK labelling solution across the US too. Introducing Label IQ would empower store colleagues to easily print labels of all sizes to meet in-store labelling applications and save significant time.


The Project

Hardware selection

To run and leverage Label IQ’s full capabilities, the right hardware was needed. Offering ease of use with singlehanded operation yet still boasting a generously sized screen, the Zebra TC51 mobile computer branded with bespoke Clarks screen protector was selected.

Clarks had already invested in fixed-width mobile printers recommended by a previous supplier but, in our experience, that wasn’t going to work. A mobile printer with an adjustable core was a must to cope with the output of different-sized labels that would be applied to different product types and surfaces. Our recommendation? The Zebra ZQ620 mobile printer.

Label Design

Focused on flexibility and the quality of label output, we worked closely with the Clarks’ team to inspire them about what their labels could look like. As part of our onboarding service, we worked through several iterations of bespoke label designs to overcome specific issues, for example, localised labelling layouts.

Label Compliance

Considering the individual territories Clarks US sell in, we ensured compliance with labelling laws across each State such as the need to show the ‘Was’ price with the date a product was sold at that price. An opportunity to demonstrate further value to customers, Clarks chose to use this labelling layout across all US stores to deliver the ultimate in pricing transparency.

Creating the best possible project experience, we leveraged our experience working with the UK team to keep the project moving at pace, speeding up the process to make it quicker and easier for the US team.


The TPP solution was a no-brainer for our business.  The product has enabled efficiencies both in how we display value to our consumers, and how our staff plans labour to execute price changes. The intuitive nature of their software allowed for a seamless transition to their platform, and our store teams are extremely grateful for the new tool in their toolkit!

Drew Denerstein
Director of Retail Operations

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