My Work Experience at TPP Retail: Evie Jones

We recently welcomed Evie, daughter of TPP’s Ben Jones, to the business for a week of valuable work experience. Currently studying her A-levels, Evie is starting to think more seriously about what her future career path might look like but when you’ve not yet stepped into the professional world, making that decision is practically impossible!

Rallying around to show Evie the ropes, the team took the time to share insight into their roles within the business, talk about their career journeys, and give Evie a taste of what working life could look like as well as the type of opportunities available.

We thoroughly enjoyed having Evie with us for the week and the feeling was clearly mutual as she’s kindly written a blog to share her experience with us… thank you, Evie!

At the start of my week’s work experience, I was unsure of what direction I was planning to head in for my career. I started the week with an open mind and was ready to learn about anything that would help me make decisions for my future. I wanted to discover more about life at work and the different opportunities out there for me, my goal was to finish the week with a clearer pathway for my future – or at least a small indication of what might interest me!

During the week, I was involved in many new experiences and got the chance to speak to other people across TPP to understand their roles within the company. I found this very interesting to see the many different things that take place to give customers the best experience. I even joined a customer meeting where different hardware and software were demonstrated; this was great for learning different sales techniques and how important relationship-building with customers is! Being in a meeting situation was very interesting and entirely new to me. I had never taken part in a formal meeting before, so being involved allowed me to get an awareness of the type of situations I might find myself in in a meeting.

I especially enjoyed speaking to Emma, who talked to me about the different paths within marketing and what her job role involves. This was my favourite part of the week as I found that as a full-time student studying Media for A-level, there are some close similarities to marketing. It was really interesting to learn how activities consider the mindset of customers and to explore the creative side of marketing too. I got to see the ‘behind the scenes’ of the website, learnt about video marketing, and also stand design for events to understand the impact of each of these things which was very interesting.

I found the week of work experience with TPP Retail very helpful in giving me a much broader perspective on what I could pursue as a career. Thanks to being exposed to different job roles, I have a much clearer view of the area that I wish to go into, and having had the chance to see how people work and what goes into their work has made me want to go into a marketing-based role. I now know that there is a job out there that I will enjoy and I’m hoping to start looking for a marketing apprenticeship after my A-levels.

Everyone I spoke to has such a drive to do their best in the workplace and I want to work in an environment like that too. Seeing my dad, and everyone else at TPP working hard to deliver great results for their customers, I haven’t just learnt what type of career I wish to go into, but I have also learnt how it takes hard-working people to make a successful company and I want to be that type of hard-working person in my future career.

More importantly, I had a fun week getting to follow my dad around at work! Learning what he actually does and instead of just seeing him working, I was able to become a part of it and realised that I was surrounded by such a great role model for my career.

Thank you to everyone at TPP Retail who took the time to talk to me about what they do and being kind enough to show me their workplace! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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