Android OS Updates & Patches

Ensuring maximum device security and performance

Android OS Updates

Google release a full update to their Android operating system annually. Unlike with your consumer devices where it’s standard practice to run that OS update without much thought, the impact of installing the latest available OS without prior planning within your business could be huge.

To ensure the seamless introduction of the latest Android OS to your business, time is first needed to complete extensive testing with your solution. To spot potential problems before they can cause your business headaches, we offer a managed Android OS Update service.

Android Security Patch Management

Keeping on top of Android’s monthly security patches is key to device maintenance and integral to protecting your business data for maximum security and achieving optimal OS performance.

With such regular updates coming your way, deploying them can absorb a lot more of your internal resource than you’d like. Each patch introduces changes that need to be thoroughly tested before you roll the update out across your device estate. You don’t want to later find unexpected issues that have appeared within your software applications affecting your operations.

Helping You Keep on Top of OS Updates

We can relieve the strain of managing Android OS updates and patches so that you’re able to focus on other priorities. With a proven process for handling releases, our tried and tested approach provides you with peace of mind.

What To Expect From Our OS Update Managed Service:

  • Monitor for the availability of patches and keep informed of new OS releases
  • Build a test device with the new version or test patches applied and execute a test plan
  • Build a deployment plan which includes pilot phases
  • Co-ordinate communications across your business and our Service Desk
  • Manage the deployment across your devices
  • Provide a daily report that shows which devices have been updated and any issues experienced
  • Apply the updates to your pool of swap-out devices
  • Follow up on any devices that are out of contact or could not be updated
  • Have an engineer on-call 24x7 for the duration of the deployment plan to roll back the OS update in the event of an issue

Need Support With Android Updates or Security Patches?

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